About Hopewiser

As the first company to identify the potential of Address Management Solutions allied to Postal Address Data, our aims remain as straightforward and simple as in the beginning: to offer every client the best and most cost effective solution to their addressing requirement, including outstanding technical support and innovative development.

Hopewiser is the power behind address management solutions where accuracy, performance and reliability truly matter. The evolution of our solutions has led the way in address management from our earliest mainframe address matching solutions and the introduction of rapid address capture in 1985 to the flexible deduplication and key generation methods that aid businesses consolidate disparate data.

Hopewiser was founded in the UK in 1982. Amongst our many worldwide customers are numerous blue chip companies due to the superior reliability, accuracy and performance of our solutions.

Our philosophies form the key ingredient for success with our clients. We care for each and every client. The optimised size of our business ensures all the staff are trained to a high level of specialism within the industry to make sure that consistent and accurate information is given to all our prospects and customers. Each staff member has the power and responsibility to ensure that the client's best interests are served and answered. Our optimised operations and the evolution of products over the last 25 years offer significant cost savings to our clients, as well as a source of unparalleled knowledge of address management.

Family owned, Hopewiser does not answer to shareholders, instead building the business for longevity whilst reflecting family values. We are well placed to continue this success for many years to come.

Our Australian head office is located in Melbourne and opened its doors in 1999, while another office in Sydney opened in 2002. We service all of Australasia from these locations.

Hopewiser offers full support for clients, including product customisation to meet businesses unique needs as well as implementation support.

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