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Bulk Mailing Case Study

Case Study | 2 min read

Data Cleansing Bureau Services with a Bulk Mailing Solution


A client from the Charity sector approached Hopewiser to clean and sort their data. They wanted to regularly update their donor data, always respecting individual contact preferences and had a starting database of 128,000 records.


Step 1

Using Hopewiser’s Bureau Services, the database was transferred securely via dedicated line which is GDPR compliant. Once received the Bureau Services team deduplicated the data so that there was only one record per household.  It was then run through a number of suppression files including the Bereavement Register, Mailing Preference Service (MPS) and Telephone Preference Service (TPS).

After Step 1, the database equalled 115,000 records.  This step eliminated 13,000 records which would have been previously mailed.  The saving alone for not mailing an additional 13,000 inaccurate records was significant.

Step 2

The client chose to use Royal Mail’s Advertising Mail standard for this database.  They wanted to send mailings on a regular basis so requested Hopewiser sort the data for maximum Royal Mail discounts. The average weight of each letter was 100g.

Using Royal Mail’s Calculator to send 115,000 1st class letters of 100g if it was Non-sorted, Non-machine-readable, Standard would cost £66,798.90 if bagged up.

However the client wanted to sort them into Low Sort, Machine-readable with a Mailmark barcode.

Hopewiser’s Bureau Service used AtlasSort, a mail sortation solution that is part of the Atlas Suite.  Following the sortation process the data was now suitable for Low Sort, Machine-readable, Mailmark barcode.  The bagged mailing cost was now £49,046.44 which meant the client saved £17,752.46.

“Using the Bureau Services team to clean and sort our data meant we have saved significantly on our first mailing.  We will be mailing out on a quarterly basis so expect to make huge  savings over the year which will ultimately improve our marketing ROI.”

, updated 25th July 2019.