Conceived over 12 years ago, this has been a long gestation. Has it been worth the wait? The answer is a cautious “Yes”.

Both the ECAF and ECAD files contain unique postal codes (Eircodes) for each address in Eire. However they include unique Eircodes for non-unique addresses, for example two houses with the same number on the same street.

This presents great difficulties when it comes to any matching criteria (and by the same token any deduplication). Members of the Eircode Consortium have admitted that over 35% of the data would be impossible to code without use of other data some of which would be protected by the Data Protection Act.

Eircode aims to set a new standard of quality for addresses in the Irish Republic and work is ongoing to try to resolve these problems. However these enhancements will take time. In the many examples of houses in the same street with the same number (sometimes next door to one another) one of them will have to change their number! This will not be easy to resolve so any company buying an Eircode solution will find that the match rate for Irish Republic addresses is much lower than that for the UK. Any reputable vendor of the Eircode data will acknowledge this whilst others will claim to have much higher match rates than is possible with the data available.

Hopewiser have worked very hard on analysing and manipulating the Eircode data and feel that they have achieved the best possible matching rates. Together with the renowned stability of our software, Hopewiser can offer the Eircode data within all existing products, especially the Cloud solution.