Getting GDPR Compliant

As the deadline for GDPR compliance looms with the prospect that my company could incur huge fines, my dilemma is, “how am I going to protect the database I have and gain the marketing consent I need”.

I receive many emails every day from companies selling their services.  I rarely unsubscribe as I have more important things to do. I block delete each morning and carry on with my day.  In the past when I have taken the trouble to unsubscribe many of these companies ignore it and keep emailing me anyway.  Pre GDPR I don’t really take much notice, post GDPR I will kick up a fuss, because I know that if I haven’t consented I shouldn’t be receiving anything!

I will not be consenting to the majority of companies that currently write to me.  If I need information I will go out and find it. The trouble is that most of my marketing database will do the same and my job of keeping in touch is going to be so much harder.

So what can I do now to get the consent I need?  

Firstly, I’m going to extract all the records from our CRM that we have communicated with in the last two years.

Secondly, I will use our Bureau data cleaning services to cleanse the business addresses, emails and personal contact records. 

Once I am confident my data is accurate, I will then start the task of emailing, mailing and if necessary telephoning to ask for their consent. I have 10 months to complete this task!

Luckily my company has built consent software, which will manage this process for me.  I can upload my data, choose whether to email or mail and embed a unique link which leads the recipient to an Opt In/Opt Out web page.  

As we also have a GDPR legislation expert in-house, I’ve already tailored this page to comply with the new rules.  This includes telling the recipient which third parties we use, how long we will keep their data on file plus other mandatory clauses compliant for GDPR. 

Their preferences will be logged in a back-end database with the date of consent, ready to be uploaded in our CRM. 

I will then repeat this communication process for all those that have not completed the consent form as many times as I like for the next 10 months. 

After 25th May 2018, all records that have opted out AND all those that did not respond at all will need to be deleted from my Marketing Data.  From 25th May 2018 I will be vigilant to ONLY communicate with the opted in records for Marketing.   

Now back to the task in hand, only 10 months to build my Opt-In list.  As we are going through this pain barrier ourselves we’re well equipped to help you with your GDPR Consent marketing so contact me if you want to know more.