how to be GDPR compliant

The GDPR comes into effect 25th May 2018. This will usher in new rules on how companies can collect personal information from people. The biggest part of this is the new rules on what defines consent. It has been condensed down here to a simple Dos and Don’ts table:




  • Give all the information about what the data will be used for, how and why

  • Make it clear what it is you are asking for (i.e. consent to be sent emails or receive phone calls, for newsletters or marketing.)

  • Keep the consent separate from other Terms and Conditions

  • Keep proof of consent

  • Get new consent for new purposes

  • Use opt-outs or pre-ticked boxes

  • Rely on silence or inactivity as a form of consent

  • Use complicated words or make it difficult to understand

  • Have consent as a condition of a service or product – like free wifi or a competition

  • Have general consent – be specific, individuals need to know all the details

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