Improve your direct mail and win the Game of Thrones

Can the death of a dothraki Khal teach us the key to data accuracy? Will the betrayal of Ned Stark show us the pathway to better competitor analysis? And can you really learn the art of direct mail personalisation from the demise of Tywin Lannister?

While for many in the profession of direct mail marketing it will come as no surprise that you can learn a thing or two from the land of debauchery we know as the Seven Kingdoms; we decided to take the hit on the chin (saviours I know!) and dive into a massive Game of Thrones marathon analysing every whisper, monitoring every mistake and studying every death to find the seven keys to your direct mail success.

So, is it really possible to improve a direct mail campaign and win the game of thrones? Well, after fifty four episodes, we think we’ve finally cracked it.

Game of Thrones