Why you should keep your Data Updated

Things change. Houses are built, people move and sadly (but inevitably), we all die.  All these things have an impact on your data.

For example in England and Wales, in 2015, more than 1.3 million people moved home. And in the five years up to 2014, more than 2.3 million people died.  To ensure that your data is giving you a good return, it is essential that you regularly verify your databases against reliable sources.

The figures shown are from HM Revenue and Customs (house moves) and from the Office for National Statistics (deaths).

HMRC and ONS Data


Different sources give different figures, so it is important that you use a good spread of suppression files to ensure accuracy. Knowing that Mr D Jones of 34 Acacia Road, Worthing has passed away is not enough. If the father is David and the son is Dan, you need more information to find out which record should be removed.

As an independent bureau specialist, Hopewiser uses seven different deceased suppression sources to ensure accuracy. However many of these sources may not be available after May 2018 when GDPR comes into effect so now is the time to act to make sure your data is accurate.

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