Is this the worst street to be a postman in Britain?

Few things are as baffling as this Street.

According to a report from the Manchester Evening news, staff at the Royal Mail are baffled by a street which runs from Salford to Bolton and it has caused confusion for as long as residents can remember.

Manchester Road is the only street in the UK where two houses with identical addresses sit right next to one another. Not only are there two ‘443 Manchester Roads’, there are also two ‘441 Manchester Roads’ and two ‘439 Manchester Roads’ - and so on.

This strange situation is a result of Manchester Road being half in Salford and half in Bolton - and each council choosing how each half of the street is numbered.

There are a total of nine Manchester Roads in Greater Manchester. While this might not compare with the nearly 2,000 Station Roads or the 379 London Roads across the UK, it’s still likely to have given many a delivery man a headache.

And neither the residents of Manchester Road, Salford council, Bolton council or even Royal Mail know exactly when this strange situation came about. Each property on Manchester Road has a different postcode but this doesn’t stop residents from regularly receiving each other’s packages.

And did you know there’s a Downing Street just south of Piccadilly Station in Manchester, and a Covent Garden in Stockport?

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