One of Hopewiser's oldest business partners is Paragon Software Systems plc, who are renowned in the world of logistics for their vehicle routing and scheduling software which optimises transport operations.

Today, Paragon software is used by hundreds of companies in 6 continents to plan their transport operations more efficiently and reduce costs and carbon emissions. But it was back in the late 1980's that Paragon first found itself trying to apply its routing and scheduling software to the thorny problem of planning home deliveries in the UK.

Whereas most retail and logistics fleets are delivering to a regular customer base, what makes home delivery far more challenging is the need to deliver to hundreds of new home addresses every day. For this Paragon needed Address Management Software that could automate the cleaning and correct automatic geocoding of hundreds of new delivery addresses every day. Once geocoded, the Paragon route optimisation engine would then automate the creation of accurate transport schedules that could be given to the home delivery fleet the next day. Paragon soon signed up with Hopewiser and their Probe product to start a partnership that still continues 24 years later.

“We’ve been very pleased with the consistent quality of the Hopewiser solution and technical support behind the scenes”, commented Charles Nockold, Paragon Marketing and Business Development Director, “which is why the relationship has lasted so long. 24 years ago, this helped us to be the first in the home delivery market, and today our latest Paragon HDS product is enabling home delivery companies to promise cost-effective 1-hour time windows – which should benefit anyone who doesn’t want to wait in all day!”