Ensuring their clients get the very best has always been a priority for Selby Marketing Services, a Sales Promotional Handling House and Fulfilment Centre in the Greater Manchester Area.

They offer bespoke solutions for On-Pack Offers, Competitions, Data Management and Direct Mail to name but a few, providing high quality B2B and B2C services across a host of industry sectors from FMCG through to Transport.

“When handled correctly a Campaign can achieve a strong promotion that will deliver the business boosting results over the time period it covers and coupons always make a comeback in penny pinching times.   We are experts at handling these responses whether it’s via a postal application form or an inbound telephone call and all of these responses need inputting into our bespoke databases. This is where Hopewiser’s AtlasRains fits in.”

Selby Marketing is able to capture details and verify all addresses against the PAF at the point of entry.  This saves time by producing a full address in moments and reduces keystrokes by up to 80%, thereby cutting costs and increasing efficiency and productivity.

As all addresses captured by Selby Marketing are PAF cleansed this offers their clients further opportunities for saving by means of Mailsort and CBC postage discounts. They recognise the benefits of a clean suppressed data file which projects a professional company image and they maintain that image for their clients.

“Selby Marketing has been in business for 25 years and have used Hopewiser’s AtlasRains for much of that time.  I am pleased with the accuracy and speed that the solution offers and in turn the excellent client service and accurate data we are able to provide to our clients.”

Julie Selby, Owner, Selby Marketing Services

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