Customer Profile

Teesside University is a distinctive can do University with a business solutions approach. Its vision is to achieve regional, national and international recognition as the UK’s leading University for working with business and to be among the UK’s top institutions of higher education.

With a student body of around 22,000 and approximately 2,300 employees, Teesside University understands the importance of capturing correct address data. They have worked with Hopewiser for the last seven years. However the time came to review their systems to ensure they were getting the best accuracy, reliability and value for money. This meant Hopewiser as the incumbent solution went into a tender process.

The Tender Process

Hopewiser used this review to introduce AddressServer in the Cloud. If Teesside University switched to this system it would be able to pay on a transactions based model, which means only paying for what is needed. Hopewiser recognised that Teesside has key times during the year where students and teaching staff are inputting and checking data on a grand scale. The University needed a system that is scalable with the ability to monitor and report on transactions.

Not all pay per click solutions offer complete compliance with Royal Mail regulations. Teesside needed an application for employees to use the software within their system and students needed to use it to input their data via an external student portal. Hopewiser’s solution offers fully compliant choices ensuring it is 100% compliant at all times as well as saving money by using the correct type of transaction.  

The Benefits of Cloud Technology

By introducing AddressServer in the Cloud Teesside was able to dispense with set-up fees and maintenance costs. 

Hopewiser developed a simple bespoke application which the IT department can deploy to any of their end users. This link automatically downloads the FastAddress desktop client wizard and loads in their allocated address look up clicks, which is managed via a powerful online management tool. The end user is up and running in minutes. 

The service has access to the very latest Royal Mail PAF which means that Teesside only has to pay for one version of PAF. This immediately saved costs.

Teesside has been able to set up its account to monitor internal and external usage and will be able to see which departments and/or individuals are using the service. The ability to report in such finite detail will give true insight into usage and ultimately allow for planning and resources.

With the service being hosted by Hopewiser, Teesside has eliminated on-site overheads and any upgrades. It is early days yet but in 12 months’ time Teesside will be able to assess how much time and money has been saved.

The Outcome

"The tender process was scored and Hopewiser came out on top overall across the different categories. By introducing Address Server in the Cloud we know that we will make savings in licence fees, PAF fees and overheads.

The system also gives us flexibility. We have the ability to self-manage where the software is placed and how many transactions are given to each department within the University. We can monitor usage on a daily basis and quickly tailor our level of transactions to match our requirements, which will allow us to effectively manage costs. If necessary we also have reliable help desk support free of charge."

Geoffrey Poole, Teesside University