The partnership between Tunstall and Hopewiser started in Spring 2012. Hopewiser’s Addressing software is integrated into Tunstall’s PNC6 solution. PNC6 is a call monitoring and management system which monitors telecare and social alarms connections, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The highly skilled workforce within these centres protect 1.7 million people in their own homes, assisted living environments and workplaces throughout the UK.

It is critical that the PNC6 systems are accurate and reliable particularly with regard to personal details. For example when a PNC6 agent receives a call they need to be confident they are capturing or looking up the correct address within their systems. It may be necessary to dispatch emergency services to this address and incorrect details can endanger lives.

One of the installations has been for East Riding Telehealth Service. In this case the existing Addressing Software within the PNC6 was exchanged with Hopewiser’s API replacement technology negating the need for re-coding, changes to the interface and additional user training. The installation was successfully completed within 4 days.

With the successful implementations completed, Hopewiser’s integration is now the UK default Addressing Software component module within PNC6. All new and upgraded UK customers will have this as an option.

“Hopewiser are a partner we can trust. They have shown excellent technical knowledge and are able to provide the support we need on demand. With their high level of service we are confident this partnership will go from strength to strength.”

Simon Wright, Product Development Manager, Tunstall Healthcare