Hopewiser first started working in partnership with Vennersys in 2004, providing Rapid Address Input Software (Rains) within VENPoS GiftAid to a number of Vennersys’ clients.

One long standing customer Dudley Zoo, needed a modern “state of the art” admissions and PoS solution which would help increase and improve the administration of Gift Aid donations at the site.

VENPoS Gift Aid increases the take up of charitable donations by simplifying and speeding up the process at the point of sale. By using integrated address lookup software, the operator is able to confirm the donor's name and address from simply typing in the postcode.
Now Vennersys has integrated Hopewiser's cloud-based pay-per-click solution (AddressServer in the Cloud) into their membership system, VENPoS CRM Memberships. VENPoS CRM Memberships makes managing and renewing memberships easy; at point of admission and online. Multiple membership types are supported and the printing of the membership cards is simple with the customer’s image captured on a web-cam. At point of sale a membership card can be created and printed in less than a minute, encouraging uptake during the admissions process. Promotions can be initiated with the membership reference being recorded against transactions, facilitating tracking and analysis of members’ visits and spending patterns / history, providing your business with invaluable data.

"We have found Hopewiser's software to be reliable and the technical support team helpful. We are looking forward to building the partnership further."

Bryan Honeyball, Vennersys