Managing your account

To use the service you will need to register for an account. There is no cost associated with this. After initial registration you can access the Address Lookup management interface directly or through your user account.

Your login has administration privileges allowing you to navigate around and manage any companies and cost centres which you create, or to which you are invited. You can invite more users to become administrators, create one or more tokens for access to our Address Lookup APIs and clients, and monitor their usage.

Unless you are responding to an invitation, you will be asked to create an initial company. This will receive 10 free clicks automatically in a default cost centre to get you started quickly. Future clicks can be purchased from a number of datasets or you can contact us for additional test clicks.

1. Overview

Your login gives administration access to companies, which represent an organisation, and cost centres, which subdivide companies. These are explained in more detail in later sections.

To switch between areas you can click on the navigation bar (a.k.a. breadcrumbs) to switch between companies and cost centres:

Navigation bar

If you click on Home you will be taken to your personal login details, outside of Address Lookup management (click on Address Lookup under the Services tab to return).

If you click on Address Lookup, you will be taken to the company management page.

If you click on the company name (Hopewiser in the example above) you will be taken to the administration page of the company in question.

If you click on the cost centre name ([Default] in the example above) you will be taken to the administration page for that cost centre.

Accounts with one company and one cost centre have them selected automatically, so this is the default view when first logging in:

Cost centre admin

You can always use the navigation bar to select a higher level.

When you have access to multiple cost centres or companies, you will need to explicitly select which you are interested in at each level.


2. Companies

A company represents an organisation and you will generally only need one. You might want to add more, if, for instance you are developing an Address Lookup integration for a customer, and the management will eventually be handed over to them. You can create as many as you want but only the first will receive free clicks.

When you first create a company (e.g. after signing up), you will be a company administrator. If you accept an invitation, you may be added either as a company administrator or as a cost centre administrator (in which case you will have restricted access within the comany).

Selecting a different company to work with or adding a new company are done from the company management page. Click on Address Lookup in the navigation bar to access it:

Company selection

If you select a company from the list you will be presented with the company administration page, unless the company only has one cost centre, when you will be taken straight to cost centre administration - select the company name in the navigation bar to go up a level. This allows you to add and select cost centres:

Company administration

To invite new (or remove existing) administrators at company level, click on the Administrators tab:

Company Administrator Management

All companies that you create or are invited to will appear in the list of companies on the top-level company management page.


3. Cost centres

Cost centres can be used to subdivide a company. When you first create a company it will be given a default cost centre. Most people generally only need this.

If you need to restrict plan access to a business or billing entity so that you can account for them separately, then you can create additional cost centres. For example, you want to set up an Address Lookup for a customer, and you want to manage everything going forwards.

Selecting a different cost centre to work with or adding a new one are done from the company management page.

Once selected, you will see the plans available in the cost centre:

Cost centre plans

Only tokens in the same cost centre will have access to the plans shown. To see the tokens, click on the Tokens tab:

Cost centre tokens

More information on tokens is provided here.

To invite new (or remove existing) administrators at cost centre level (so they cannot see other cost centres or edit the top-level company), click on the Administrators tab:

Cost centrer administrators

Administrators can be invited to multiple cost centres within a company. They can see company details but cannot modify them, and cannot see other cost centres. A cost centre administrator can invite new administrators for their cost centre(s).


Purchasing plans

At present, plans may only be purchased by contacting Hopewiser.

When you purchase a plan, it will be associated with a single cost centre belonging to a single company.

Please note: purchases cannot be moved between cost centres or companies.

To make use of a plan with the Address Lookup APIs and clients, a token must be created the same cost centre as the plan.


The following datasets are available as standard by AddressServer in the Cloud:

Country Data Main Vendor Links
AUS Australian Postal Address File Australia Post  
NZ New Zealand Postal Address File New Zealand Post  
UK UK Postal Address File Royal Mail Additional Terms
UK UK Postal Address File + National Statistics Postcode Directory data (containing grid reference and more) Royal Mail Additional Terms

We also host a number of European datasets as well as North American Zip+4 data and can make arrangements for most address datasets. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Tokens are used to access plans via the Address Lookup APIs and clients, and you will need to create at least one for this purpose. From the Tokens tab of the cost centre, you can create and remove tokens:

Token list

Select a token in the list to see more information and edit the token.

When adding a token, only "Password" tokens are permitted in the Type field currently. We will be introducing JWT authentication in future:

Token creation

You are able to specify usernames of your choice, which will show in usage reports. Keep the password safe, since this is what controls access to the plans in the cost centre.

You can also optionally specify a default dataset reference (if none is provided to the API by the programmer) and a click warning level: once this threshold is reached in a day, a warning email will be sent to all cost centre and company administrators who have not disabled the warnings for their account (click on Home in the navigation bar, then on the Privacy tab).


Monitoring usage

The cost centre admin page Clicks tab gives a brief summary of plan usage.

Click on an entry in the list to report on usage by plan:

Plan usage

You can also see usage by token if you select a token from the Tokens tab.