Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the complete address capture tool. It allows the operative to retrieve an accurate and complete address from a postcode or partial address, and place it directly into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports both the UK PAF and International Postal Authority datasets. The flexible architecture also enables support of various alternative domestic address files, e.g. a Land and Property Gazetteer. It can be easily deployed and seamlessly integrated within the Microsoft CRM environments.


  • Provides an easy method of capturing addresses from only a postcode and premise number or name, or from an incomplete address that may exclude a postcode.

  • Operates at all address entry points, ensuring a consistent method of capturing address data across the entire IT infrastructure and user-base. Provides validation of customer and prospect details on entry, throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

  • Provides partial address lookups, enabling addresses to be captured from incomplete information. Incorporates a user-friendly interface, which requires minimal operator training.

  • Operates with Server and Outlook Client installations, enabling remote users to work independently. Incorporates flexibility to operate with additional sector-specific address datasets, maximising business efficiency across all industries.

  • Supports various International Postal Authority datasets, formatting addresses to Microsoft CRM requirements. Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft CRM sales and Microsoft CRM customer services modules.


  • It is designed and developed to be the fastest, most accurate pay per click address system available.

  • There are no set-up fees, no maintenance costs, free technical support and a free no-obligation trial.

  • The service has access to the very latest Royal Mail PAF.

  • The speed of data capture will increase with a reduction in keystrokes by up to 80% and duplicate addresses will be eradicated.

  • Ensures validated data, maximising customer analysis and subsequent reporting.

  • The service is hosted from two independent sites ensuring maximum up-time and peace of mind.

  • Simple pricing model – only pay for what you need.

  • Powerful Online Management Tool, allowing you to view and manage usage by department, application and/or user in one place.

Quick Start

To request Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics CRM please contact us.

You will then be sent an installer and complete documentation, including an Administration Manual and User Guide.

After installation, you will need to sign up for Hopewiser's web service to purchase bundles of clicks.