1. Hopewiser Licence activation is changing

Hopewiser adopted a third party (CopyControl) copy-protection mechanism some time ago with a view to ensuring clients are compliant in terms of software licensing. This has also served to honour our commitment as a third party datafile reseller ensuring that the licensing on this front is adequate and appropriate too.

The third party CopyControl software shipped with many of our PC products has, in the recent past and in a limited way, proven to be problematic for some installations using the most recent Windows operating systems variants. Because of this, we have moved to develop our own copy-protection mechanism which will replace the third party solution completely. This has already been utilised largely within those customers' sites that have encountered problems with the CopyControl software via a fall-back mechanism, with guidance from the support team at Hopewiser, and this has proven to work well.

2. What will the change mean for me?

We have decided that this in-house developed copy-protection mechanism (Licence Manager) will become the default instead of CopyControl. Any valid and active CopyControl activations will be honoured until such time as they are due for renewal. The deployment of the Licence Manager mechanism has been designed such that, following an update with this latest and subsequent release images, Licence Manager will simply take over when the product it governs next expires.

Care has been taken to ensure that you, the user, will be guided towards the new activation mechanism automatically. The activation window differs from what you may be used to, but we believe this is a lot more user-friendly. As before, there is both a telephone and an internet activation mechanism available. The telephone activation method will simply require that you contact the Hopewiser support desk and read out a code displayed by your installation via the new activation utility application. This is then used to create an activation code giving you the requisite access for the forthcoming licence period (usually 1 year). For clients with the requisite system privileges to connect to our Licence Manager activation server, you will only need to enter your assigned customer number which will update the activation settings governing the use of the software as required.

3. What does this mean for client/server system users?

For client sites adopting the client/server installation facility (multiple users allowed access to software and datafiles via a shared network drive), there is a client/server variant of the Licence Manager copy-protection software to suit. This requires that a single designated Licence Server is established on the network which will 'serve up' concurrent user licences on request from clients that are configured to utilise it (via an IP address and port specified in the client system registry).

4. What is needed on the server-side?

  • A Licence Server running which includes product activations for each application or DLL instance used on that client site. It is recommended that this is configured as a Windows Service so that (a) it restarts when the Licence Server host system is rebooted, and (b) there is no need for a user to be logged on to the designated server host system whilst the Licence Server is running.
  • The Licence Server needs to be configured such that it can capture and service incoming licence requests from designated clients. This is done by the assignment of an IP address and port number (set by using the LMSvrMgr.exe utility Server Location tab). These values are retained in the registry of the Licence Server host system.

5. What is needed on the client-side?

  • A registry setting denoting the IP address and port of the Licence Server process (configured in the above). This can be set using LMCliMgr.exe or lmcl.exe Licence Manager client/server installation utilities, or the following registry key can be independently applied to each client system you need to have access to the Hopewiser applications concerned:

    This should be assigned a value equal to the IP address and port number utilised in the server-side configuration above.

  • There may be a need to 'allow' client access to the designated Licence Server by amending firewall settings to suit.