Licensing Status Codes

Hopewiser PC software incorporates a licence activation mechanism. This is in keeping with our reputation as a responsible reseller of third party datasets. There are currently two different activation methods; a third-party CopyControl method, and an in-house Licence Manager method. Here follows some common status codes returned from both. Typically, such error messages will take the form:

Protection Failure: CopyControl / Licence Manager Error: [text_reason]. ([status_code]) (CC / LM)...

CC or LM denotes the type of activation (as outlined below), the text_reason gives an outline in plain English of where the problem lies, and the status_code denotes error numbers (also outlined below).

  • CC = -25 A licence expiry date previously set for this installation has been reached.
  • CC = -28 The software has been moved without authorisation.
  • CC = -32 The user doesn't have the privileges necessary to utilise the software installed. Please check the network access rights to the software installation folder and its sub-folders and elevate the privileges for the user concerned where necessary.
  • CC = -64 The system has had the system date or time tampered with. Please telephone Hopewiser support for an authorisation code.
  • CC = -67 The number of concurrent users allowed (according to the licensing) has been exceeded.
  • CC = -213 The software is installed correctly but has yet to be activated.


  • LM = 3 Unable to read product licensing information.
  • LM = 81 Incorrect SystemID (use the Repair function within LMClient to correct).
  • LM = 97 Product not activated (use Customer Number allocated within the LMClient activate via the internet facility).
  • LM = 99 This product's licence has expired (use Customer Number allocated within the LMClient activate via the internet facility).
  • LM = 84/0 The Network ID has been changed (use Repair function within LMClient to correct).

If you receive an error number that is not shown above, please telephone Hopewiser technical support on (0161) 924 2801, or send an e-mail detailing the error being reported to