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Welcome to the New Year


What does the year ahead hold for us?  The Olympic Games in Rio, the UEFA Football tournament in Europe, NASA’s JUNO reaching Jupiter and also 2016 is the International Year of Pulses.    For those of us interested in or needing to use addresses, 2016 also sees some significant changes to the Australian landscape. READ MORE

Christmas Musings

Merry Christmas from Hopewiser

The festive season is fast approaching once again.  For most of us the holiday season is a time to catch up with family and friends, enjoying each other’s company.

It is a time of goodwill, a time to think of others and particularly a time to reach out to family and friends we don’t see often due to busy lives or the tyranny of distance.  We mostly do this by writing cards filled with news and good wishes for the festive season. READ MORE

Hopewiser in Melbourne

Copyright M Aulia

Hopewiser, founded in the UK back in 1982, was the first company to identify the potential of Address Management Solutions allied to Postal Address Data. We are proud to provide address management services to our clients with reliability, accuracy, and excellent technical support for a number of years. Our company has grown since then, which made us expand our valuable services to Australia’s businesses back in 1999. We picked Melbourne as our main office in Australia for a few good reasons.  Some of the more obvious are the proximity to Australia Post Headquarters and being part of a transport hub that provides ready access to Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and NZ, as well as the rest of the world. READ MORE


An Australian twist to addresses

ACDC Lane Melbourne

Australia is such a vast place with so many addresses.  Addresses used to deliver items to or pick things up from.  Addresses to visit people or places.  Addresses to go to work to and addresses to go home to. READ MORE

What is in an address?

Balloons over Melbourne

They’re all the same; all have a number, a street and suburb but just as roses come in many different  varieties so do addresses. READ MORE

Hopewiser Embraces Change


Hopewiser, Australia has moved back into the freshly painted remodelled office suite. In the immortal words of that wonderful Australian lad Peter Allen, “Everything old is new again”.  Whilst we’re not quite putting on our top hats and doing high kicks, we are extremely happy with our new environment. READ MORE


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