Our Partner Programme is a significant opportunity for businesses wanting to expand their portfolio of products and provide a suite of value added services to their Customers. We will make it easy for you with our flexible sales process by tailoring it around you.

You will get maximum benefit with little disruption to your “Business As Usual” and a guaranteed sales margin on all products and services sold, year after year, for as long as you remain our Business Partner. 

When we identify a lead that is an ideal fit for your business we will hand over that lead. With joint marketing opportunities and our industry-leading Technical Support we can safely say partnering with Hopewiser is a win win scenario.

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What is PAF

It is a database containing all known addresses and postcodes in the United Kingdom, including England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man.

PAF® holds over 29 million addresses and 1.8 million postcodes. PAF® excludes any addresses which do not have a Delivery Point (i.e. letterbox). Examples of premises not held on PAF® are churches, telephone exchanges, substations etc.

More information on PAF

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Providing a Quote

We provide a pricing schedule within the Software and Marketing Agreement (“SMA”) this can be shared with all of your sales team to enable them to quote quickly and simply. The pricing schedule will be designed to accommodate standard deal-sizes. However, should a deal fall outside of the norm then feel free to get in touch with us at channel@hopewiser.com.

The pricing schedule will include all the products and services covered by the SMA and will detail the final price for your customer plus the margin being offered back to you for your efforts in the sale. All prices include the royalties for the Royal Mail Postal Address File (“PAF®”).  This helps you to ensure that your quotes are compliant within the terms of the Royal Mail Agreements.

How is Hopewiser software licensed?

We operate under a licence to use rather than a purchase model. This means the customer is expected to renew their licence every 12 months; this is in part due to the constraints imposed by Royal Mail regarding the licensing of PAF.

However, we are happy to work with you to create a commercial model that complements your own, provided that the Terms of Conditions laid down by Royal Mail are adhered to.

Placing an Order

To place an order contact channel@hopewiser.com

If your customer is purchasing software, we require an End User Licence Agreement (EULA) to be signed by the customer. This shows they accept the terms and conditions relating to Hopewiser and the Royal Mail PAF.

Once the order has been received we simply need to know when the customer is due to go live so the licence can be made to commence at this point.


Technical Support

Obviously you know your products better than anyone else but when it comes to Third Parties a little help is always good. Hopewiser offer second line support to all our Partners, be it a lost CD that needs to be resent to a technical problem that is impacting the customer's ability to use our solution.

Hopewiser's Technical Support Team are highly recommended by Partners and Customers alike. They will work with you to discover the root of the problem and make recommendations. All support tickets raised are entered into our Tracking system and any serious faults can be pushed to the Developers directly.

Hopewiser's Support Team will persist in helping to resolve the problem, but this is a two way street so we ask that any information they request, no matter how trivial it may appear, should be passed on. You know your products, our Support Team know ours.

If you wish to discuss the Technical Support in more detail or arrange a meeting then call your Partner Manager or contact us via channel@hopewiser.com.

Why do we need to provide a Deletion Statement?

Due to the Royal Mail's data forming part of the solution we need to be able to demonstrate in an audit that their data is not subject to use by End Users who have not paid a licence fee.

Contract Renewals

We generally renew the End User on an annual basis, which means an invoice is automatically generated and sent to you the Partner. This will be scheduled to happen at the beginning of the month prior to the month the contract ends.

We work with you to ensure you have sight of the forthcoming renewals, and this means renewal schedules can be requested in advance to allow your Account Managers to control their own accounts.

If you wish us to renew directly with your end users this is not a problem and to find out which of your customers are due to renew please contact us at channel@hopewiser.com.

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Email Channel@hopewiser.com or call 0161 924 2800 and ask for the Channel Manager

Sales Support

Partners know how to sell their solutions and are experts in their field; but selling Hopewiser's solutions alongside their own can be a challenge at first.

Hopewiser Partner Managers can support the initial sales, helping to explain common terms and their meanings and passing knowledge onto the sales team.

This support is primarily in the form of on-site training sessions which would cover everything from product to pricing to placing an order.

In a particularly complex or sensitive sale the Partner Manager can also come on-site and provide direct sales support as required.

To find out more get in touch with your Partner Manager or contact us at channel@hopewiser.com.

How do I cancel a Customer's contract?

It is unavoidable that sometimes customers choose to go elsewhere. Working closely with us will hopefully mean that we are aware of this prior to any renewal invoices being issued. Then all we ask for is a written statement that our software has been deleted from your customer's system (“Deletion Statement”).

If the customer is late in notifying of this desire to cancel there are potential late fees that will be applied, so it is in your interest to pre-empt cancellations.

AddressServer in the Cloud does not need a Deletion Statement as the service will terminate itself upon the Expiry Date or the Bundle being used up.

If you have any questions please contact us via channel@hopewiser.com.

What Questions should I ask my partners?


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