The Hopewiser Alliance Partner Program is founded on the basis that alliances create business value through an exchange of assets. To do this, alliances must span the breadth and depth of an organisation, with full commitment from top management levels through to front end staff to achieve the desired results.

At Hopewiser we are looking for alliance partners who can demonstrate extensive experience in delivering high quality business solutions, a strong and growing customer base and are able to demonstrate the ability to win new business and have the edge to deliver excellent products and services to customers.

Our Alliance Partner Program is designed to accommodate variable levels of alliances. If you are interested in becoming a reseller of Hopewiser software, we can provide you with all the tools and experience you need. The Program is supported by the full complement of Hopewiser expertise and assets across the enterprise, which is integral to alliance success. Participation is determined by the track and level of partnership desired.

By embedding our address management software into your existing products, you can improve their functionality, making them more valuable to your potential and current customers. For example, companies that sell administrative software dealing with personal records can embed our software so that the records can be checked on the Australia Post's Postal Address File (PAF), making sure the addresses are correct and accurate at the point of entry. Hopewiser's software is designed with maximum flexibility in mind so that it can be easily integrated into your software programs.

In addition to software integration, adding Hopewiser products to your existing software portfolio enhances the capabilities you are able to offer to your customers.

Hopewiser works very closely with its partners, with a support program ensuring that you have the best in technical, sales and marketing support. Hopewiser provides excellent commissions on the sales of Hopewiser software and access to our extensive expertise in address management systems.

Becoming an alliance partner of Hopewiser means that you can improve your product beyond the capabilities of your competitors, create another competitive edge, having the opportunity to improve business efficiency and increase sales.

To find out more about the Hopewiser Alliance Partner Program, please contact us.

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