Foreign Addresser

Foreign Addresser is Hopewiser's Address Management tool for preparing and mailing international address files. Only Hopewiser can offer a complete package for handling mixed international address databases. Designed for flexible use, the product includes a complete setup wizard. Foreign Addresser uses the ATLAS International Locality File.

Address Parsing

Input Addresses are broken down into their component parts, allowing the storage of specific data in named fields, e.g. Paris in town field, which enables easier selection and analysis of data.

Address Matching

Improves addresses by adding missing locality elements (town, province/state, postcode, country etc.)

Maintains Company prestige by reducing spelling and keying errors on district, town and country fields, and producing, where known, the national version, e.g. Firenze not Florence.

International match-keys are generated from the parsed components taking into account such things as diacritical (accented) characters and title codes (e.g. Mr, Herr, Monsieur)

Match Key Generation

Match-keys facilitate the storage and maintenance of records within a database. When used in conjunction with Hopewiser's AtlasDedupe tool, the various keys aid the deduplication process.

Address Formatting / PTT Labelling

Hopewiser's Address Format File contains all address label requirements defined by the relevant PTTs (Postal Authorities) in the world. Parsed and matched address components are used to build an address label according to the PTT requirements.

Foreign Addresser options include:

  • Dropping the country name from the label when posting directly into a country's mail system.
  • Presenting the country name on the label, in the language of the mailing country.

Designed to process addresses for countries where:

  • A postal address file is not available
  • The country's postal address file is not to a standard to provide quality results using a postcoding product
  • The user's number of address records for the country does not warrant the expense of purchasing the particular postal address file.

Foreign Addresser Specifications

  • Windows 32-bit Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Systems supported: Windows 95 or later, e.g. 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, etc.
  • Databases supported: any ODBC database, inc. Access, Oracle, SQLServer. Text file support, inc. defined, fixed, line sequential.
  • Supplied on CD-ROM.
  • Typically require 1 Gigabyte of hard disk space for Atlas locality file

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