Hopewiser offers both programming and bureau processing services to our customers.

Hopewiser Programming Services

We specialise in the customisation and bespoke development of software in the address management world, utilising our experienced and skilled in-house staff. As every business differs, so can the requirements of address management and its implementation for a business.  Hopewiser can develop tailored solutions to meet current and future name and address management requirements. These can cover the development of enterprise solutions for address capture, customised reference data sets and even customised matching rule sets. Hopewiser Programming Services provide a fixed quote for any specification provided to ensure costs are known and budgeted before work even commences.

Hopewiser Bureau Services

We offer a comprehensive range of custom services, from providing practical advice for designing and implementing database management systems to database cleaning and merge/purge exercises on either a one off basis or as a regular service to clients.

Hopewiser Bureau Services provide file and data enhancement, international address management, produce detailed reporting systems with flexible output generation and accept databases in a wide variety of formats. Most importantly, we understand the meaning of a deadline, using top end software and hardware to ensure accuracy and client turnaround requirements are met.

Hopewiser Bureau Services can assist your business by freeing up internal resources and improve the quality of your database by providing:

  • Address cleaning - matching, correcting and adding address information
  • Deduplication - identifying and removing duplicate names and addresses from your database
  • Merge/purge - combining a variety of databases or file formats.
  • Ideal for customers undertaking data warehousing projects
  • Appending additional data to address records such as lifestyle information
  • Socio-economic and demographic characteristics
  • Appending the Delivery Point Identifier (DPID) to addresses

Hopewiser Bureau Services can perform international address enhancement and management through:

  • Identifying address components to allow storage in defined fields
  • Match key generation
  • International address cleaning
  • International postcoding
  • Address block generation
  • Deduplication

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