Find Your Nearest APP has gone GLOBAL!

It is all you’ll ever need to find everything you want either on your doorstep, or in many of the Cities throughout the world!

As our database contains nearly half a MILLION records, and is growing all the time, this FREE APP is the most comprehensive resource for a “find your nearest” search.

When you’re on the go you just search for your choice and the map will guide you.  You will be able to find the White House in Washington, or the Trevi Fountain in Rome in seconds. With over 50 worldwide Cities included, the data consists of Tubes, Trams, Hotels, Schools, Supermarkets, Cinemas, Hospitals, Points of Interest and Sporting Venues to name just a few. Hopewiser are adding to this extensive data resource daily to make the Proximity APP something that will be used again and again to find your nearest “anything”!

And guess what, it’s FREE! Yes when everybody is asking for something these days, we have designed this just because we can.  We’re a 35 years old company with highly experienced technical developers who just love data and designing apps.  We don’t collect any personal information from you and guarantee that this APP has been designed purely to get the Hopewiser name out there.

So if you're stuck in a hotel in a strange city, find out what to do with the Hopewiser Proximity App.

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