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Address Lookup Pricing

Fast, robust, easy to use and available via an Online Self Service.

All Click Bundles sold by Hopewiser are valid for 12 months from Activation.

Example costs based upon the Australian GNAF. Prices shown exclude GST.


Volume Cost Per Lookup Cost Per Bundle
500 9 cents A$45
1,000 7 cents A$70
2,500 5 cents A$140
5,000 4.5 Cents A$225
10,000 4 Cents A$400
Volume Cost Per Lookup Cost Per Bundle
20,000 3.5 Cents A$700
50,000 2.5 Cents A$1250
100,000 2.1 Cents A$2,100
250,000 1.8 Cents A$4,500
500,000 1.2 Cents A$6,325


The Online Self Service is via the Hopewiser Portal which provides fast access to accurate pay per click address lookup with no set up fees, no maintenance and a free, no obligation trial.

Another benefit is the convenience of autorenewal. Having the process automatically complete when you are reaching the end of your click bundle means there will be no disruption in service. You are in control, with regular updates on your usage and options to change your bundle sizes.

  • Wide range of APIs and plug-ins for easy integration into websites, applications and CRMs.
  • Monthly Postal Address File (PAF) updates and options to buy additional data sets.
  • Verify Global address data for 242 countries
  • Access to a powerful Online Management Tool for purchasing and detailed reporting of your usage.
  • No wastage – only pay for what you need using Stripe, our secure payment processing platform.
  • Easy to use with handy help guides and videos.


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