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  • In large companies customer address data enters your organisation every day through touchpoints like your website, telephone calls, live chats or post.
  • With AddressServer you can centralise address lookups to a single location which will achieve considerable cost savings, saving time and resources whilst returning consistent results.
  • It is best suited to large organisations using a variety of applications on a wide range of systems and platforms.
  • When deployed within a large user environment, AddressServer is designed to replace the standard distributed deployment of Addressing Software with minimal impact on existing customer systems.
  • By achieving a common result across all address related data, the need for multiple PAF licences can be greatly reduced, potentially creating substantial savings.


  • A simple interface that can be used through a number of integration services.
  • AddressServer can handle any raw reference dataset that can be formatted into a Hopewiser Master Address File (MAF) including: Australia Post PAF, PSMA G-NAF and NZ GeoPAF.
  • International Data, including UK Royal Mail PAF.
  • Full technical support offsite and onsite, for installation of AddressServer and migration of existing systems to the AddressServer solution, providing maximum reliability.
  • Data updates occur in one central location.
  • Single point of control for production updates.
  • Run multiple servers for failure protection and redundancy.
  • Includes dynamic libraries making the switch to AddressServer from a traditional on-premise solution simple.


  • Cost savings through reduced licence fees.
  • Reduction in overheads and installation costs.
  • Migration of existing applications and systems.
  • Includes a web management interface.
  • Professional pre and post installation support.
  • No user downtime. Ability to upload updates switching users to the new data when testing is complete.
  • Future proof, scalable solution.