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Atlas with AddressBase Premium


Combines Hopewiser’s addressing software with the Ordnance Survey’s AddressBase Premium product to deliver a fully functional, user friendly, tailored solution which will help consolidate your internal systems delivering a significant and measurable return on investment.

Why Use Atlas?

Companies are driven to consolidate their internal systems to achieve a number of benefits, including cost savings, technology and manpower efficiencies. Typically, the main 3 legacy applications in use are: Customer Management System, (for Billing & revenue streams); GIS (Geographical Information System) and Asset Management System.

Each of these applications delivers specific business functions, but there is also a great deal of overlap in customer location and name and address information. This creates significant issues such as data duplication, inefficient use of valuable resource and the constant need to update multiple databases.

With AddressBase Premium from Ordnance Survey, many companies were hopeful it would allow their consolidation objectives to be achieved. The reality is very different.

AddressBase Premium is unwieldy and requires specific knowledge of the format, lacks various classification codes and categories (Residential v Commercial) and potentially requires massive amounts of developer time to utilise.  It may be too resource hungry for your systems and integration with third party suppliers is more difficult resulting in application of updates to be complex and fraught with challenges.


  • A structured and scalable dataset for the whole of the UK or your region
  • ‘Turnkey’ functionality
  • An easy way to install and use updates
  • The solution also has the ability to add optional datasets e.g., SIC codes for classification and categorisation purposes.


  • Cost savings delivered through consolidation and efficiencies
  • Reduced demand on development and support resources
  • Faster implementation and roll-out
  • Increased billing accuracy
  • Significantly improved market analysis
  • Reduction in duplicate records