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  • Quality data is vital for effective decision making, maximising sales and reputation management. Data is your most valuable business asset.
  • AtlasClean is the perfect complement to AtlasBatch both of which are part of the Atlas suite. Hopewiser’s Atlas suite has individual components designed to cover your specific requirements. You can tailor the suite to your exact needs, thereby offering the best and most cost-effective solution without compromising or overspending.
  • AtlasClean allows a user to match records interactively that cannot be matched automatically against an address file of your choice to ensure optimum accuracy of your data.


  • Enables the user to manually correct unmatched addresses aided by a powerful gazetteer system.
  • Assesses the problem with matching the input address and intelligently selects one of four gazetteers (premise, street, locality, postcode), enabling the user to locate the correct address, where possible.
  • Works with partial and badly formatted addresses.
  • User-friendly setup wizard, steering the user through all steps of the clean process setup.
  • Ability to work with Address Files from various suppliers e.g. Geodemographic Data and Business Files
  • Builds deduplication keys at address level, individual level and company level enabling the identification of duplicates with another product within the suite called AtlasDedupe.
  • Can handle most industry standard database formats using ODBC as well as delimited text, line sequential and fixed field files.
  • Analyses name information, correctly formatting and titling names.
    Adds informal and formal salutations (e.g. Dear Sir) and valedictions (e.g. Yours Faithfully) according to the name.
  • Allows the user to lookup on indexed ‘extra data’.
  • Allows user to interactively match against multiple data sets in a single interactive processing run.
  • Allows the creation of user defined status codes and data input panels within the application.
  • Produces reports which detail match rates and categorises non-matched records.


  • Ensures more accurate data by allowing the user to amend incorrect address elements.
  • Combines human and computer knowledge to get the best results.
  • Stops inaccurate mailings by adding missing address elements.
  • Eliminates human error by correcting incorrect address elements against a verified source file.
  • Reduces the cost of failed deliveries.
  • Enhances your data with additional information allowing you to segment and target effectively.