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Network Administration


This document contains information for system and network administrators relating to the use of Address Lookup services.

Failover/Resilience Information

Hopewiser operate servers on multiple independent sites to maximise the resilience of the service we provide.

We also operate a cloud load-balanced endpoint which uses IP anycast to provide a high level of protection with a minimum of customer configuration.

To ensure you qualify for protection under our SLA you must call the host:


Alternatively, you can also qualify by providing your own failover mechanism (be it in your calling code or a software or hardware proxy or load balancer) to one of the acceptable combinations of hosts from the list below:

  • + +
  • +

No other combinations qualify. If you choose to perform your own failover it is your responsibility to keep current with the list and ensure the correct functioning of your failover mechanism.

If you employ load-balancers you should use sticky sessions and strongly prefer using soap5 to soap4 as the latter has higher latency.

The client-side code for the Atlas drop-in will failover automatically and perform recovery actions as necessary when given multiple URLs separated by commas.

Network Access Information

You must ensure your firewalls and proxys will allow through any requests.

We use HTTP and HTTPS on ports 80 and 443 for the Hopewiser services. GET, POST and PUT requests should all be permitted by any proxies.

The IP address of is

Access to individual servers requires permitting the following IP addresses:


The base URLs for the SOAP Address service are: