AtlasClean is the perfect complement to AtlasBatch. AtlasClean reads a database of non-matched addresses and cross-matches them against a Main Address File (MAF) of your choice to ensure optimum accuracy of your data.


  • Enables the user to manually correct unmatched addresses, using a powerful gazetteer system.

  • Works with partial and badly formatted addresses.

  • Allows user to interactively match against multiple data sets.

  • Ability to report the problem with the input address and intelligently select one of four gazetteers (premise, street, locality, postcode) enabling the user to locate the correct address.

  • Produces reports which detail match rates and categorise non-matched records.

  • Builds deduplication keys at address level, individual level and company level enabling the identification of duplicates with AtlasDedupe.

  • Enhances address records by appending additional data, such as; grid references (if using the G-NAF MAF), salutations and valedictions and PAF Permissions such as Residential/Non-Residential Indicators (if using the enhanced PAF).

  • User-friendly setup wizard, steering the user through all steps of the clean process.

  • Handles most industry standard database formats using ODBC.

  • Ability to work with Master Address Files (MAF).

  • PAF, G-NAF, NZ GeoPAF and other countries data sets.

  • Allows the user to lookup on indexed ‘extra data’.


  • Ensures more accurate data by allowing the user to amend incorrect address elements.

  • Stops inaccurate mailings by adding missing address elements.

  • Eliminates human error by correcting incorrect address elements.

  • Reduces the cost of failed deliveries.

  • Minimises the need for a bureau service with Hopewiser.



AtlasClean Tutorial Video