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  • AtlasBatch is an automatic data cleansing and enhancement tool which can verify and correct large quantities of address data. This can be particularly useful when dealing with large numbers of records.
  • Will read a database of existing addresses and cross-match them against the Australia Post’s Postal Address File (PAF) ensuring optimum accuracy of your data, or you can purchase alternative datasets such as the Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF) or NZ Post’s GeoPAF.


  • Verifies existing address records against PAF.
  • Adds missing address elements to ensure address accuracy.
  • Ability to work with partial and badly formatted addresses.
  • Analyses name information, correctly formatting and titling names.
  • Enhances address information by appending data to your records, for example Delivery Point Identifiers.
  • Optional enhanced data from Australia Post such as deliverable status and residential/non-residential indicators, and alternatively from the G-NAF, Latitude Longitude, Statistical Areas and Mesh Bock, etc.
  • Produces reports which detail match rates and categorise non-matched records.
  • Adds salutations (e.g. Dear Sir) and valedictions (e.g. Yours Faithfully) according to the name.
  • Additional information can be obtained using AtlasBatch, such as deduplication keys and Barcode Strings (allowing discounts on mailings).
  • Ability to use Master Address Files (MAF) e.g. Geodemographic Datasets, Business Files, Names Data and Ordnance Survey Data.
  • Includes a user-friendly setup wizard, steering the user through all steps of the process.
  • Can handle most industry standard database formats using ODBC.
  • Updates on the PAF can be obtained quarterly in order to maintain accuracy.



  • Eliminates human error by correcting misspelt address elements, ensuring that all information is clean and accurate.
  • Improves and maintains corporate image by ensuring all addresses on mailing lists are correct.
  • Increases company efficiency by making employees available for completion of other tasks.