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This is where you can try out our address lookup software for free. You can enter up to 15 addresses per day to test the accuracy and efficiency of our address lookup engine.


Using Hopewiser’s Autocomplete allows users to enter valid addresses in an easy, intuitive way.

It is effective for entry methods where typing is more time consuming, for example on a mobile device. Autocomplete also  ensures that only valid entries are recorded, which is an essential during online check-out.

The engine behind the software uses the most reliable and up-to-date datasets – such as Australia Post’s Postal Address File, the Geocoded National Address File or New Zealand Post’s GeoPAF.


Try for free – see for yourself the speed and accuracy of our address lookup software.

This is the powerful engine behind our address lookup software and services. Available as a convenient and simple cloud service or built in to our standalone software. It is also available to be integrated into your existing web or CRM systems.

If you would like more than 15 lookups per day, why not register for an Address Lookup account where you can purchase click bundles via our pay per click service.