Address Management

Address Management refers to all processes that are involved with address and name capture, storage and usage.

As the first company to identify the potential of address management software our aims remain straightforward and simple: to offer every client the best and most cost-effective solution to their requirements.

Hopewiser designs and supplies international address and database management solutions and software. Use our software for data capture, verification, cleansing, deduplication and file conversion to ensure an accurate and up to date database.

Bureau & Consultancy

Hopewiser provides bureau and consultancy services for all your data needs.

These services enable your company to perform data cleansing, deduplication, conversion, enhancements, suppressions and name verification on your own database without the expense of installing new software.

In these times of smaller profit margins and tighter budgets, Hopewiser address management solutions will save you time and money.


Hopewiser's software is approved by Australia Post in accordance with Address Matching Approval System (AMAS). AMAS ® is a registered trademark of Australia Post.

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Having provided address management solutions for over 30 years, Hopewiser has a solution whatever your needs. Our products can be integrated across all major platforms and applications on a range of computer hardware.