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4 Benefits of Cloud Migration

blog | 6 min read

4 Benefits of Cloud Migration

As of now, it’s predicted that 83% of enterprise workloads are in the Cloud1. Has your business considered how you could reap the benefits of online solutions? If not, check out the benefits of cloud migration below:

1. Increased scalability

Depending on the size of your organisation and business needs, the scalability of on-premise software could be an expensive problem2. Installed solutions require longer implementation and cannot simply be switched off during periods where you don’t require the services. Cloud solutions on the other hand are extremely scalable, meaning you can purchase as much or as little of a product on an ad hoc basis.

2. Faster

Cloud systems claim faster uptime than their predecessors in traditional IT infrastructure3. This is because software can be deployed much quicker online than the long installation process and maintenance required by on premise. If you work in a fast-paced environment, you need tools at your fingertips to be able to fulfil your job requirements. Therefore, cloud migration will enable your business to operate faster, thus enhancing your own product offering and improving customer service.

3. Cheaper

Businesses are always looking to cut costs where possible. 20% of companies are concerned about the initial cost of implementing a cloud-based server4, however most solutions are pay-as-you-go, meaning you’ll save more money in the long run by only paying for what you need. This is as opposed to the high costs that sometimes come with having complicated installed software.

4. More secure

Did you know 94% of businesses claimed to have seen an improvement in security as a result of cloud migration? Additionally, 91% said it’s now easier to meet government compliance requirements. That said, when choosing a cloud provider it’s important to learn about their security protocols5. Do your research and ensure they have sufficient measures in place before outsourcing to them.

5. How Hopewiser can help

Our years of experience and expertise can help you achieve a successful cloud data solution. We understand that the above benefits are key focal points for businesses and when it comes managing your company data, accuracy is the key to success. There are various data cleansing sources that will help you achieve a clearer view of your database, with prices for cloud cleansing starting from $36 (AUD).

Additionally, businesses need accurate address data for marketing, deliveries, and confirming the identity of customers. Cloud address validation enables you to capture accurate data on a pay-per-click basis, helping to improve your web forms, CRM, or existing IT systems.

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