on the ball

We have just caught up with one of our customers who very kindly wrote to say...

"We have been using Hopewiser integrated into Talent here at Essex Cricket since early 2015. Originally we went live with Talent in Nov 2014 without any postcode/address look up but within the first few weeks of use it became very clear that the back office team were being unduly affected by the lack of this tool. With the integration up and running our staff have been able to accurately and efficiently capture address data which in addition to saving time has also meant that undeliverable mail has been greatly reduced. During the time we have used Hopewiser any issues were quickly resolved and the speed and reliability has always been at a very high standard."

Thank you goes to Rowan Bangs, Membership & Ticketing Manager from Essex County Cricket for his kind endorsement. We all at Hopewiser appreciate your comments.