Land ahoy for Hopewiser staff!

Hopewiser tested their sea legs when they volunteered at a Pirate Day at the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust. 

Three members of their team donned eye patches and headscarves for a day supporting children with disabilities and sensory impairments from Rowan Tree Primary School in Atherton.

With a few Arghs and Shiver me timbers! the Hopewiser pirates helped the children create treasure boxes and pirate t-shirts,  then headed off on an adventure scouring the high seas (well the Farm) for hidden treasure.

The day was part of the partnership the charity has with Hopewiser which will also see the company helping the charity to continue to use their data when the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is enforced in May 2018.  CAFT has always understood the need to look after and maintain their personal data so will be ahead of the game when the new regulations come into force thanks to the support of the company. 

Hopewiser has developed an all-in-one software product called Cleanse N Suppress which enables the user to have access to in-built Postcode Address File, National Deceased Register and Remover Goneaway files.  The software includes all the most up-to-date files which give the highest levels of accurate address matching.  This will maintain CAFT’s image as all their data is formatted correctly and gone-aways eliminated; save money and protect the environment by minimising waste created due to undelivered or returned mail.

Diane Douglas is Marketing Manager at Hopewiser, she was joined on the Pirate Day by Amy and Mike. “We had a brilliant time with the CAFT team.  The children loved every second of their Pirate Day, we all wanted to stay and play well beyond the end of the day.  CAFT is an inspirational charity and it was great to see first-hand the amazing work they do.”

 Pippa Watton, Events Fundraiser from CAFT comments:  “We’re so grateful to Hopewiser for their support with the complicated matters surrounding GDPR, and it was so kind of them to take time out of their busy schedules to help out here at the Adventure Farm.  The children loved spending time with them and we were very impressed with their pirate knowledge and costumes! 

We’re viewing GDPR as an opportunity for us to showcase how a charity should safeguard their data.  We regularly clean and update our records to enhance the relationship we have with all our supporters and will continue to work closely with Hopewiser to ensure the utmost accuracy of our data.”

To find out more about the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust, their work and events, or the ways in which you could help, visit

For further information about Hopewiser and how they can help your company with GDPR contact Diane Douglas on 0161 924 2800 or email