Hopewiser’s partnership with Kern is going from strength to strength with blue chip customers saving millions in mailing costs.

Kern is the UK and Channel Islands distribution partner of NPI mail sorters. NPI has been designing leading-edge mail sorters for over 35 years, with over 1,000 machines installed worldwide. Kern is responsible not only for distribution of these systems but also full maintenance and service support.

Back in 2008, Birmingham City Council purchased an NPI solution through Kern. They benefit from Royal Mail’s downstream access for delivering their mail and wanted to continue this process. Hopewiser were approached to develop mail sortation software that would function within the NPI system in the UK and provide outputs tailored to the client’s chosen postal carrier. Hopewiser developed, installed and tested the software within a four month period, and Birmingham City Council have been utilising this solution ever since then.

“The savings are phenomenal with this fantastic piece of kit - we have more than exceeded our estimates of £400,000 annual savings and are actively seeking to collaborate with other public bodies to enable them to share the savings too".

"The support we have had from Kern in supplying and maintaining this sorter over the last two years has enabled us to make huge changes to our bottom line and, when you bear in mind that a lot of post is still being sent first class, there's even more potential there."

Martin Reynolds, Head of Corporate Postal Scanning Services, Birmingham City Council

Following this highly successful installation, Kern has installed systems with Hopewiser software embedded in many large blue chip customers including high street Banks.

The software is able to intelligently access each mailing piece by looking at its weight, size and address in ‘real time’. It then applies a process to sort it into the correct pocket within the machine ready for collection. Machine sizes vary from the ability to sort 6,000 pieces per hour up to 40,000pph.

Another key element of the sortation software from Hopewiser is the ability to switch easily between different carriers. For instance, one customer requires their reports and sortation methods to be suitable for UK Mail, another has requirements that are appropriate for Whistl. The software is able to tailor the “Output” dependent on the needs of the customer so that they can maximise the carrier discounts. Clients are sending tens of millions of items per year therefore the ability to maximise postal discounts is an essential requirement.

It is also business critical for these customers that the machines are reliable and robust - some customers operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If a machine breaks down or the software should fail during a mailing run, their losses would run into £thousands.

"We are very pleased to be working with Hopewiser. We have found the technical support team to be very efficient and professional. The sortation software Hopewiser has developed provides an invaluable tool to our customers and we look forward to continuing our relationship well in to the future".