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Address Cleanse


  • Simple to use and you don’t have to be a technical expert to cleanse your files
  • Secure data transfer guaranteed
  • Cleanse against the Australian postal address file enhanced with both Permission data and cross-referenced to the G-NAF to add geocodes and associated Geographical data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

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  • Works with partial and badly formatted addresses
  • Ability to manually map name fields to identify duplicates
  • Includes a fast, user-friendly wizard and helpful tips to guide you through the process
  • Can deduplicate based on a combination of full address, postcode, premise, company name, surname, gender and initials
  • Produces reports in minutes, which detail match rates and categorise non-match records
  • Options to add Grid References
  • Supports text delimiter files
  • Files updated on a weekly basis


  • Simple to use, up and running in minutes
  • No wastage, only pay for what you need
  • Options to tailor the cleanse with choices on duplicate match types
  • Free audit available with a summary before you choose to pay
  • Instant results with easy to understand reporting

Status Codes

AddressMatchStatus is a Postcode Status which details whether an address match was successful or unsuccessful. If unsuccessful then the status will detail at which level it was unable to match.

The status will be one of the values described in the table below.

Status Description Comment
00 Success The input Address has been successfully matched against the MAF, therefore, the correct Postal Address is returned.
01 No address lines input This status will be returned if no address information has been presented to process, e.g. Blank address fields.
02 Town not Matched Unable to match the Town given with any Town held on the MAF.
03 Street not Matched Unable to identify the Thoroughfare given with any Thoroughfare held on the MAF for the town matched.
04 Premise not Found Unable to find a Premise match on the Thoroughfare given.
05 Duplicate Premise Found Premise identifier can either be a number or the name of a premise. Premise names include housenames, names of companies, titles of public buildings e.g. schools, hospitals etc. A duplicate Premise is returned when more than one premise meeting the input criteria is identified on the same Thoroughfare.
07 BFPO Address Primary house name for a delivery point.
08 Foreign Address The input address given is a Foreign Address, not available on the current MAF.
10 Irish Address An Irish Address has been detected.
14 Isle of Man Address Error with Isle of Man Address.
15 Channel Isles Address Error with Channel Isles Address.
19 Country Error Unrecognised country.
21 Unmatched at Secondary
Duplicate premises have been found at secondary level.
22 Premise Range not Matched The input address contains premise ranges, not existing on MAF, and ambiguous secondary information.
32 Premise Range is Contiguous In certain cases, only odd numbered ranges and even numbered ranges are present on the MAF. Under these circumstances, an error will be returned where the range encompasses a mixture of these, such as 1-4 Smith St.
40 Matched to non-PAF address The input Address has been successfully matched against the MAF, however the entry was one added from a secondary source. The address may or may not be postally correct according to PAF (or percountry equivalent).

PostcodeUpdateStatus is a status code which details comparison of input and output postcode information.

The status will be one of the values described in the table below.

Status Description
0 Postcode Unchanged
1 Postcode Updated
2 No Output Postcode (existed on input)
3 No Input or Output Postcode
4 Not Codeable
5 Added Postcode
6 Unrecognised Postcode

AddressLabelStatus is a Label Status which details the success of an address label creation.

The status will be one of the values described in the table below.

Status Description Comment
0 OK Address Label was created successfully.
2 Won’t fit The Address is too large to fit into the label dimensions.