12th March 2017 – Hopewiser a leading provider of address matching software and data management expertise celebrates 35 years in business.

Phil Good, Managing Director, shares how technology has changed from Hopewiser’s early years. 

With 3 employees in a small office in Hale, Cheshire, we developed the first commercially available addressing software package PROBE (Postcode Real-time or Batch Environment) designed for use on mainframe systems such as IBM, 4340/MVS/CICS, Sperry Univac 1110 and mid-range such as AS400. It is amazing to think that just 35 years ago these mainframes took up a whole floor of an office block in many large business premises.

Spring forward five years to 1987, we released our first PC product and in 1988 the Royal Mail Postcode project is completed.  This is where the Royal Mail offered to pay for customers to have their databases postcoded and PROBE was responsible for over 49% of the entire postcoding work.  Probe for Windows was released in 1988 which was later used for postcoding the BT telephone directories.  It is still being used by clients today and is fully supported by us.

Hopewiser moved onto mail sortation software becoming the first accredited Mailsort software supplier in 1991. Innovation continued with a new suite of products under the banner name “Atlas” which included enhanced functionality, speed and additional data sets.  This suite is designed to work across all platforms from mainframe through to cloud.

In 2010 came cloud-based solutions which revolutionised how our products are used, taking us up to the current day;  the launch of our free mobile app called Proximity, a “find your nearest” solution which incorporates London Tube, UK Tram stations and Sports Venues.  Many other places of interest will soon follow including over 40 foreign capital transport systems.

Technology has changed significantly over the last 35 years but Hopewiser continue to be at the forefront of development within the address matching arena which has resulted in an extensive expansion of our products and services. We will carry on innovating and are confident of continued success.