Announcement New Mobile App

PROXIMITY APP is a unique "find your nearest” information hub for tube, tram and sports venue details.  It is easy to use and gives fast, reliable results.  In one handy app you can filter on Sports or Tubes & Trams and see the distance from your current location or an entered postcode. With links to Maps the user can get directions to their search whilst on the go. 

In the Sports section you can filter on a specific sport, for example, Rugby, Golf or Baseball providing the venue’s details as well as the distance from you. It is UK-wide and features over 400 locations.

With Proximity Tubes & Trams you can select a Line and show all the nearest stations on that Line.  It shows the stations on Google/Apple Maps in navigation mode and the London Underground & Manchester Metrolink Maps.   At the moment the Tube & Tram section focuses on stations for London, Manchester, Birmingham, Blackpool, Croydon, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Nottingham, and Sheffield.  Hopewiser has already had great feedback for the app.  The Tube & Tram section in particular, is going to be an invaluable tool to help you get from A to B within our largest cities of the UK.

It is completely free to download, and is available for Apple and Android devices.  Hopewiser also guarantee that no personal information will be stored or used in any way by them.

“As a technology leader, it’s important for us to continually develop our products and this app enhances our desktop Proximity product significantly.  We wanted to offer the service completely free and make it easily accessible to everyone. It is a mechanism to provide the public with the most accurate, up-to-date information and share our knowledge and expertise.” says Phil Good, MD, Hopewiser.