1. How do I decide what AtlasLabel settings to use

This is entirely dependant upon the labels you want to print. All settings on the main AtlasLabel application window can be manipulated to suit the stationery being used, and the desired outcome. It is best to test using a small subset before setting off any larger processing / printing runs.

2. How can I see if the settings I have implemented give the results I want without wasting paper?

There is a test preview facility available through the menu and toolbar within AtlasLabel. This gives the facility to assess a graphical on-screen representation of your data before printing to ensure that the settings adopted are correct.

3. How do I implement a barcode using AtlasLabel?

The barcode is created through one of our address verification applications (AtlasBatch, AtlasClean, etc). This value is then 'mapped' into AtlasLabel using the Barcode facility within the Map Labels dialogue accessed through the toolbar or menus. The barcode facility basically interprets a text string into a series of vertical lines which can be read by a barcode reader with the correct software installed.

4. Further Details

For further details on AtlasLabel and how to best utilise it, please refer to the PDF documentation within the application installation directory. If you have any questions not covered by this document, please contact Hopewiser technical support department on 0161 924 2801.