Frequently Asked Questions

Why is address management important?

As a tree will fail to grow unless its root system is established, so will business if their information network falters. Hopewiser believes that names and addresses are the "root" to every business, and managing and maintaining the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the name and address database is crucial to long-term profitability of the company.

It's a constant challenge for mailers and marketers to keep track of the 17 per cent or 3.05 million Australians who change address each year. Ensuring a high level of accuracy in the call centre environment and at the point of data entry is also a significant factor affecting the quality of customer databases.

Accurate and up-to-date address data is critical to the success of every mail-out. The cost of returned mail, lost leads, declining customer relationships and wastage through duplication can run into thousands if not millions of dollars.

What does rapid address capture mean?

Rapid address capture means capturing a complete and accurate address by entering minimal keystrokes.

For instance, using Hopewiser's AtlasRains software, users are only required to enter minimal address data. As few as nine keystrokes is all that is needed and immediately a complete and accurate address is returned complete with Delivery Point Identifier (DPID).

What are the benefits of using rapid address software?

Using rapid address software such as AtlasRains will allow you to:

  • Reduce time in capturing addresses
  • Reduce cost
  • Increase address accuracy
  • Increase completeness of your address database
  • Achieve correct address format
  • Append DPID when an address is found in the Postal Address File (PAF).

What is the Address Matching Approval System (AMAS)?

The Address Matching Approval System (AMAS) program is a quality approval program developed by Australia Post. The AMAS Program is designed to ensure that address matching and correction software meets the quality standards set by Australia Post and has the capability to append a unique delivery point identifier (DPID) to each address record. The Postal Address File (PAF) will only be made available through the AMAS Program. Hopewiser software is approved by the Australia Post AMAS Program.

As a prerequisite to obtaining barcode pricing, mailers must use AMAS approved address matching software.

For more information about the AMAS program, please visit the AMAS website at

Is Hopewiser's software approved by AMAS?

Yes. Atlas, the comprehensive address management software, and AtlasRains, the true rapid address capture software are approved by AMAS, Australia Post.

How do I barcode my mail?

To barcode your mail, you need to follow this process:

Step 1: Choose a barcode solution

Either purchase an AMAS approved address matching software such as Hopewiser's Atlas software, or utilise a bureau such as Hopewiser's Bureau Services.

Step 2: Address matching and correction, append DPIDs

Using Atlas software, your address database is validated against the latest version of the PAF. During the matching process, the software also amends incorrect address records and assigns the correct DPID, so that you can maximise your barcoded lodgement volumes to reduce postage costs.

Step 3: Create and print barcode

Once the addresses on your database have DPIDs appended, the next step is to convert each DPID into an actual barcode.

Step 4: Prepare mail for lodgement

To qualify for maximum postage discounts, your letters have to be sorted and lodged in correctly labelled trays. A new module called Atlas PreSort that can automatically sort your mailing and generate lodgement documentation will be available with Atlas later this year. Australia Post supplies trays and preprinted tray labels at no cost.

What is the Postal Address File (PAF)?

The Postal Address File (PAF) is an address database containing the Australian addresses to which Australia Post delivers. The PAF also contains a randomly generated, unique 8 digit number called a Delivery Point Identifier (DPID) that is associated with every address.

How often does the PAF get updated?

The PAF is updated once every quarter. Addresses have to be cleansed using the latest version of the PAF in order to gain access to barcode PreSort discounts.

What is a Delivery Point Identifier (DPID)?

A DPID is a unique 8 digit number that is associated with every address in the PAF. The DPID forms the basis of each barcode for an address.

What platforms does Hopewiser support?

Hopewiser supports most platforms namely Windows, Unix, Linux, AS400 and Mainframe. Atlas is approved for all the above platforms by AMAS Australia Post.

Can I integrate Atlas and AtlasRains into my existing systems?

All Hopewiser products come with complete programming toolkits for COBOL, C, Visual Basic and .Net. If your existing system can be extended by calling external libraries or programs, Hopewiser's programming toolkit allows programmers to write specific modules for your needs. Hopewiser also offers a custom programming service to write required modules for you

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